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Meet the Sanchez Family – parent and child only HSA plan.

HSA Case Study Who: Joe and Kara Sanchez and daughter Andrea
Where: Grand Junction, CO
What: HSA plan owners
Why: An HSA plan for mother and daughter

Joe and Kara Sanchez solved their health insurance challenge with an HSA plan.

The couple and their daughter Andrea, an active five year old who wants to be a ballerina when she grows up, were covered by a health plan offered by Joe's employer.

Then Joe changed jobs for better pay and more opportunities. The new company was a small start-up and only covered its employees – no dependents. Adding a spouse and child would come out of Joe's paycheck and was expensive. It just didn't make financial sense, so the family started looking for other options.

The solution was to cover stay-at-home mom Kara and Andrea with an HSA plan.

Joe and Kara contribute to the health savings account each month and put away more than enough to cover the annual insurance deductible. The savings are tax-deductible and when they use them for qualified medical expenses, it's tax-free.

With an HSA, the family got a monthly premium that fit their budget, as well as tax advantages that help make their health care even more affordable.

* The Sanchez's story is a hypothetical example for purposes of illustration only.